S167MCZ Radius Gage Set Millimeter 55820

S167M Radius Gage Sets - Millimeter
Steel Radius Gage Set, 1-7mm; 8-15mm Range, 21 Gages, 0.5mm & 1mm Increments, Millimeter Reading

The Starrett S167MCZ Radius Gage Millimeter Set includes S167MA and S167MB Combined, With Holder. Features 1-7mm and 8-15mm radii gages range, 0.5mm and 1mm increments, and 21 gages. SET, Combines Set Nos. S167MA/S167MB without Holder.

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  • Allows radii or fillets to be checked or laid out easier, faster, and more accurately
  • Furnished with an attractive case, providing complete protection and easy, instant selection of the right gage size for the job
  • Made of satin finish stainless steel, rust and stain resistant
  • Each gage is clearly marked with its radius
  • Each gage has five different gaging surfaces for both convex and concave radii
  • Can be used with Starrett 110 holder which is useful for checking radii in confined or hard-to-reach locations


  • Made in America: Yes
  • Range (mm): 1-7mm; 8-15mm
  • Gages: 21
  • : 0.5mm; 1mm
  • Material: Steel




    Catalog 33 - Section 16 - Fixed Gage Standards

    Fixed Gage Standards include a comprehensive choice of standard gages that quickly check dimensions on a variety of workpieces. They are very useful for in-process and final inspection. Products include pin gages, drill gages, sheet and wire gages, center gages, screw pitch gages, radius gages, ball and diameter gages, angle gages, thickness gages and feeler stock.

Product Testimonials

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