Visage is a stand-alone station for first article inspection of cured tires.  Cycle time is between 1 and 2 minutes depending on tire size.  First article inspection is done after a new mold release, mold repair/reassembly, or mold change.  It will support scanning the tire and phase-matching it to a reference scan.  A one-time design set-up is required for each tire type.  The operator will use the design editor to drag and drop boxes around each text feature and classify it according to feature type.  After the tire is scanned the operator will see the scan data phase-matched to the design.  The software will automatically find each feature and display it alongside the reference feature.  An OCR utility will compare the scan text to the master and make a pass/fail decision.  For features that are not OCR readable, a dialog box will be displayed for the operator to perform the proscribed function.  All test data and results text will be archived in a data log file.