Protractors & Angle Measurements
In setup for machining, layout and inspection, determining an angle is among the most common activities. Our bevel vernier protractors provide the highest level of precision. Also very precise is a protractor head and blade set from our combination square family. We offer a variety of tools with a sharply graduated 180 degree scales intersected by a movable bladeand a bevel protractor. protractor/depth gages and special drill point gage. We also have available an indicator protractor head for use with custom engineered applications.
Vernier Protractors

Vernier protractors like the Starrett Universal Bevel Protractor No. 359 increase resolution to greater than a nominal degree.…

Steel Protractors

Steel protractors typically have a resolution to 1 degree.

Steel Protractor Depth Gages

Steel protractor depth gages offer the angular measurement of a protractor and utilizes the precision ground edge to reference a depth measurement.…

Bevel Protractors

Bevel protractors capture angular measurements with an adjustable 360 degree protractor head.