Starrett Carbon band saw blades are suitable for horizontal and vertical machines with manual or gravity fed. A complete line with a wide range of widths, tooth pitches and shapes.
Duratec SFB

Duratec SFB Band Saw Blades: Made from carbon steel with a flexible back, they are ideal for economic cutting on easy-to-machine ferrous or nonferrous metal and wood. Available in a wide range of widths, thickness, pitches for general purpose contour and straight cutting on a variety of machines.

Duratec FC

Duratec FC is made of a fatigue resistant material with a high silicon-content alloy. It has fully hardened teeth, tempered back a special set to handle friction heat. It can run at speeds up to 15,000 SFPM to achieve the melting point of the thin, ferrous sections it is designed to cut.

Woodpecker Premium

Woodpecker Premium carbon blades have a hardened spring tempered back and ground, positive angle precision set teeth. Available as thin as .020" for contour cutting fine hardwoods, thicker blades are also available for tough tasks such grade lumber re-saws and pallet work.

Meatkutter Premium

Meatkutter Premium: Flawless, thin kerf precision ground band saw blades deliver absolute ease of processing. The polished high carbon steel blade with hardened teeth and hardened back produces fast, smooth, clean cuts for sanitary operation. For use with fresh meat, frozen meat, poultry & fish.

Band Knife

Starrett Band Knives are made of high-carbon steel and stainless steel. Available with straight, scallop or wavy tooth cutting edges, and single or double bevel. The razor-sharp edge provides quick, smooth and precise cuts. For use on foam, rubber, soft plastics, cardboard, paper, and cork.

Carcasskutter Premium

CarcassKutter Premium band saws are made from polished, high-carbon steel with hardened ground teeth. CarcassKutter Premium blades feature fast, smooth and clean cuts with less waste. Each blade is laser-etched for easy identification.

Meatkutter Frozen

Meatkutter Frozen: Flawless, thin kerf precision ground band saw blades from Starrett deliver absolute ease of processing. The high carbon steel band saw with hardened, ground teeth provide fast, smooth, clean cuts for less food loss. For use on fish & frozen meat up to -4° F (-20°C)