Unlock the full potential of your metalworking projects with the Starrett Sheet Metal Hole Saw. In this video, we dive into the robust features of one of the most reliable hole saws on the market, designed for professionals who demand precision and durability.

Starrett, a renowned name in the measurement tools industry, brings you a 4 port multiplexer designed to make the process of gathering data from multiple gages seamless and accurate. Its robust design, user-friendly interface, and ability to work with a variety of measurement tools make it an invaluable addition to any professional setup.

Representing the latest in research and design from Starrett, TENNAXâ„¢-PRO bi-metal band saw blades feature a new tooth deign that provide enhanced performance, ergonomics and cutting efficiency on pipes, tubes and structural profiles.

At IMTS 2022, Practical Machinist’s Machine Shop Talk host Ian Sandusky interviews Tim Cucchi, Starrett Precision Hand Tools Production Manager. Tim demonstrates automated wireless measurement data capture and transmission from handheld wireless/ electronic gages via the new DataSure® 4.0 Wireless Data Collection System, and unveils approximately 50 new wireless and electronic precision gages including the 2900 Series Electronic Digital Indicators.

How to connect and reset bore gage with DataSure 4.0

Intenss blades are ideal for the MRO market. See their versatility and durability in action!

Starrett the world's largest saw manufacturer.