JAW240K-V9 Jaw Face Set

Jaw Face Set
Jaw Face Set, Vee-type,3-9mm,3-20mm,3-30mm,3-50mm (Diameters are Grip Dependent), for VISE-240K Series

This jaw face set is for use with PNEU-240K Series test fixtures. This jaw set contains four (4) Vee-type faced jaws. Jaw clamping height is 30mm. Sample diameters are 3-9mm (PNEU-240K); 3-20mm (PNEU-240K-S20); 3-30mm (PNEU-240K-S30); and 3-50mm (PNEU-240K-S50).

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  • Ensures Proper Sample Alignment
  • Large Clamping Surface Area Grasps Samples Securely.

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