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777MEXFLZ Electronic Bench Micrometer (with Output) 67136

777X, 777MX - Electronic Digital Bench Micrometers
Digital Bench Micrometer, Friction Thimble, Carbide Anvil, SPC Output, 0.001mm, 0-25mm Range

The Starrett 777 Electronic Bench Micrometer (with Output) with Standard Millimeter Graduations on Shell and Thimble features 0-25mm/0-1" range, and carbide face with case. 0-25mm (0-1") Range with Output, Carbide Faces, with Case.

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  • Works well with Starrett Datasure Wireless Data Collection Systems
  • Extremely hard and stable one-piece spindle
  • Large, easy-to-read, high-contrast LCD digital readout
  • Conventional inch or millimeter graduations standard
  • No-glare black wrinkle finish
  • Ring-type knurled lock nut for quick and sure locking
  • Smooth friction thimble for uniform pressure
  • Spindle and anvil are carbide faced
  • One 3-volt battery for over one year of normal usage
  • Auto-Off after 30 minutes
  • ME millimeter models turn on in millimeter mode after battery installation
  • Measurement HOLD button
  • Ability to zero tool at any position as well as retain and return to the true zero reading of the micrometer
  • PRESET button
  • Minimum and maximum limits set
  • RS232 data output port


  • Made in America: Yes
  • Micrometer Type: Electronic Bench Micrometer
  • Range (in): 0-1"
  • Range (mm): 0-25mm
  • Resolution (in): .00005"
  • Resolution (mm): 0.001mm
  • Anvil/Spindle Material: Carbide
  • Anvil Type: Flat
  • Spindle Type: Flat
  • Lock Nut Type: Knurled Ring Type
  • Thimble Type: Friction
  • Thimble Graduations: Metric
  • SPC Output: SPC Output


    700 Series Electronic Digital Micrometer Guide (Form 879)

    Guide depicting the different parts and operations to the Electronic Digital Micrometer in English and Spanish

    [24 pages ]



    Catalog 33 - Section 1 - Micrometers
    The L.S. Starrett Company

    In the hands of a skilled operator, the precision micrometer is the most accurate hand-held tool available. When close measurements are necessary, the micrometer is the ideal tool for the job because measurement and reading are on the same axis and the anvil end is supported by a strong frame.

    [69 pages]
    Starrett DataSure 4.0 (Bulletin 591)
    The L. S. Starrett Company

    With unprecedented range and data security, multiple gateways, compact size and high speed, Starrett, a forerunner in the development of data collection solutions for quality control manufacturing applications, has taken data acquisition to a new level with DataSure 4.0.

    DataSure 4.0 Whitepaper

    This whitepaper focuses on integrating QC measurement data into manufacturing systems.

    DS 4.0 at Roush Yates Engines

    Roush Yates Engines (RYE) of Mooresville, NC and its manufacturing division, Roush Yates Manufacturing Solutions, continuously evaluates and decides the most optimal ways to leverage technology.

3D CAD Files / Exploded Parts Diagram

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      Member of Kit
      Item #DescriptionPart No.QtyInformation
      20SCREW, #5-40 BHCS X .375 LONG22061-03
      30SCREW, #5-40 HEX SET X .375 LONG14910-03
      40SCREW, #10-32 SHCS X .500 LONG30178-01
      60SCREW, 1/4-28 CLAMP X .625 LONG18968-01
      70ANVIL, CARBIDE27961-01
      80BODY - CAT 749/777NOT AVAILABLE(2)1
      90STEM #762MNOT AVAILABLE(3)1
      100NUT, .375-52PT164141
      110ROTOR MOUNT ASSEM26286-01
      120SCREW, #5-40 SET X .168 LONG23890-01
      130STATOR MOUNT ASSEM26285-01
      140SCREW, #1-72 SHCS X .313 LONG23485-03
      150LOCK NUT ASSEMBLYPT993571
      160•SPRING, .089X.107X.062X.009X213207-01
      170•LOCK PIN #76323816-01
      180•BINDER RING #76323817-01
      190SPRING, BARRELPT015251
      200SHELL, ADJ. #734M26298-01
      210FRICTION SHELL ASSEM26623-01
      220CAP, SHELL18894-01
      240OUTPUT CAP #73123547-01
      260SCREW, .157-40 SLOT X .377 LONGPT051361
      290SCREW, #1-64 SLOT X .082PT068391
      300CONN.,OUTPUT ASSEM61378-01
      310SCREW, #1-64 SLOTTED X .368 LONG26287-04
      320SPACER,HSG INSERT61383-01
      330XDUCER LOG PCB ASSEM61376-01
      340BEZEL #733M 25-10061591-01
      350BATTERY, 3V LITHIUM - CR2450PT611201
      360BATTERY COVER26288-01
      370SCREW, #0-80 SLOT X .210 LONG23484-04
      380WRENCH #216PT188951

    California Proposition 65 Warning

      WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to: