FMS-1000-L2 Force Measurement System 03232

Force Measurement System
Force Measurement Test System, with 1000N Test Frame, L2 Controller and Software

The Starrett FMS1000 Series is a single-column force measurement testing system optimized for high-volume production and quality control testing. The FMS1000 frame has a 1000N (225lbf) testing capacity ideal for tensile or compressive testing. The system includes the test frame, controller & software. The controller features a Windows and Android operating system with high resolution color, multi-touch 10-inch display. The L2 controller is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible with two USB 2.0 ports. The L2 software features test templates that require minimal operator setup in order to perform routine test methods such as push/pull to limit, push/pull to break and for determining peak results. For more complex, multi-stage test methods or methods that must comply with international testing standards, the L2 software features our exclusive Test Builder application.

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  • Turnkey 1000N (225lbf) Force Measurement System includes Testing Frame, L2 Controller with L2 Force Measurement Software
  • Easily Perform Tension, Compression, Flexural, Shear, Peel and COF Testing
  • Perform Basic Force Test Methods Quickly with Easy-to-Use Test Templates
  • Perform Complex Multi-stage Testing Using Advanced Test Builder Application
  • Small, Compact Footprint (15"W x 20.25"D)
  • Conforms to All Relevant European Standards and Carries CE Mark


  • Made in America: Yes
  • Frame Type: Single Column
  • User Interface: Tablet PC
  • Load Capacity: 1000N, 225lbf, 100kgf
  • Maximum Speed: 60"/min, 1525mm/min
  • Minimum Speed: 0.001"/min, 0.02mm/min
  • Maximum Load @ Full Speed: 1000N, 225lbf, 100kgf
  • Maximum Speed @ Full Load: 60"/min, 1525mm/min
  • Return Speed: 60"/min, 1525mm/min
  • Total Crosshead Travel: 30", 760mm
  • Total Vertical Test Space: 37.5", 953mm
  • Crosshead Throat Depth: 4.25", 108mm
  • Height: 50", 1270mm
  • Width: 15", 381mm
  • Depth: 20.25", 514mm
  • Weight: 170lbs, 77kg
  • Accuracy - Speed (Zero to Constant Load): +/-0.2%
  • Accuracy - Load Measurement: Load Cell Dependant
  • Accuracy - Strain Measurement: N/A
  • Load Cell Sensor Models: Models FLC Series, MLC Series, or ULC Series
  • Extensometer I/O: I/O Not Availible
  • USB I/O: I/O Standard
  • Power: Single Phase Voltage (Vac) +/-10% 100, 120, 200, or 240
  • Operating Temperature: 50 to 100F, (10 to 38F)
  • Humidity Range: 10 to 90% non-condensing
  • CE Compliant: Yes


  • FLC-500E (03445)
    FLC-500E Load Cell Sensor
  • FLC-1000E (03440)
    FLC-1000E Load Cell Sensor
  • FLC-500 (03008)
    FLC-500 Load Cell Sensor
  • FLC-1000 (03011)
    FLC-1000 Load Cell Sensor
  • FLC-50E (03446)
    FLC-50E Load Cell Sensor
  • FLC-100E (03441)
    FLC-100E Load Cell Sensor
  • FLC-200E (03443)
    FLC-200E Load Cell Sensor
  • FLC-5P (03007)
    FLC-5P Load Cell Sensor
  • FLC-10P (03010)
    FLC-10P Load Cell Sensor
  • FLC-25P (03015)
    FLC-25P Load Cell Sensor
  • FLC-50P (03231)
    FLC-50P Load Cell Sensor
  • FLC-100P (03233)
    FLC-100P Load Cell Sensor
  • FLC-250P (03016)
    FLC-250P Load Cell Sensor


    SMS Automation Builder Option for Use with Test Builder Application (Form 976)
    L.S Starrett Company

    4 page manual stating all important information and instructions regarding the automation builder



    FMS and Automation Builder Software Extending Your Manufacturing Automation Initiatives (Bulletin 3000)
    L.S Starrett Company

    9 page catalog on the FMS and Automation Builder Software. (Extending Your Manufacturing Automation Initiatives)

    FMS Test Frame for Force Measurement - User's Guide (PKG08823-UMFMS)
    L.S Starrett Company

    26 page user manual on the FMS Test Frame for Force Measurement

    FMS Quick Test Manual (Form 972)
    L.S Starrett Company

    72 page user manual stating important information regarding the L2 series software

    L2 for Force Measurement - Advanced Test Builder (PKG08819- UML2SOFT)
    L.S Starrett Company

    66 page user manual on the L2 series for Force Measurement (Advanced Test Builder)

    Force and Material Testing - Grips and Accessories (Bulletin 1828)
    L.S Starrett Company

    140 page Catalog on Force Gage Grips and Accessories

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      WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to: