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G-80656 24" x 36" x 6" Surface Plate 80656

Crystal Pink® Granite Surface Plate
24" x 36" x 6" Crystal Pink® Granite Surface Plate - Grade AA, 2 Ledges

24” x 36” (600mm x 900mm) Crystal Pink® Granite Surface Plate with a 6” (150mm) thickness. Crystal Pink® Granite has the highest percentage of quartz of any granite for superb wear resistance. Grade AA (Laboratory Grade) for precision operations in constant temperature gaging rooms and metrology departments. .000100” (0.0025mm) Flatness unilateral tolerance. Produced with 2 ledges.

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  • Meets or exceeds U.S. Federal Specification GGG-P-463c and ASME B89.3.7 2013 for flatness.
  • Great surface hardness and wear resistance – the highest percentage of quartz crystals of any granite plate.
  • Smooth, jewel-like quartz bearing points protect accuracy and finish of both the surface and the tools used on it.
  • Quality and economy combined.
  • Comparable to black granite plates while outwearing them as much as 5 to 1.
  • Meets or exceeds 50 lb per square foot (24kg per 1,000 sq. cm) load bearing specifications. Available in 100 lb (45kg) test series.
  • Standard-size plates are mounted on resilient support pads, providing isolation from normal vibration and a non-distorting 3-point suspension.
  • Packed one per crate with skids for forklift handling.


  • Made in America: Yes
  • Size LxWxT (in): 24 X 36 X 6
  • Grade (U.S.): AA Laboratory
  • Size LxWxT (mm): 600 X 900 X 150
  • Ledges: Yes


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    G-81504 Granite Surface Plate Stand
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    G-83025 Granite Surface Plate Cover
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  • G-81320 (81320)
    G-81320 Granite Repeat Reading Gage

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