KCT090501-N Carbide Tipped Hole Saw Kit 69971

CT Carbide Tipped Hole Saw Kits
14 Piece Hole Saw Kit - Carbide Tipped - General Purpose

These general purpose hole saw kits are produced with high performance triple chip Tungsten Carbide tipped saws. The ultra-high saw hardness makes them the ideal choice for materials too hard or too abrasive to be cut with conventional high speed steel saws. These saws provide extended life when used to cut wood, PVC, man-made building materials and fiberglass. Kit includes nine carbide tipped hole saws: 3/4'' (19mm), 7/8'' (22mm), 1-1/8'' (29mm), 1-3/8'' (35mm), 1-1/2'' (38mm), 1-3/4'' (44mm ), 2'' (51mm), 2-1/4'' (57mm), 2-1/2'' (64mm); two arbors: XA1, XA2; one carbide tipped pilot bit: XA014C; one 12" extension: A15; one ejector spring: A7; and case.

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California Prop 65
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  • High performance triple chip Tungsten carbide tipped saws
  • Provides superior performance on materials too hard or abrasive for conventional high speed steel saws
  • Features extended life when used to cut wood, PVC, man-made building materials, and fiberglass




Product Testimonials

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      Member of Set
    • CT034 CT034 3/4'' (19mm) Carbide Tipped Hole Saw
    • CT078 CT078 7/8'' (22mm) Carbide Tipped Hole Saw
    • CT118 CT118 1-1/8'' (29mm) Carbide Tipped Hole Saw
    • CT138 CT138 1-3/8'' (35mm) Carbide Tipped Hole Saw
    • CT112 CT112 1-1/2'' (38mm) Carbide Tipped Hole Saw
    • CT134 CT134 1-3/4'' (44mm) Carbide Tipped Hole Saw
    • CT200 CT200 2'' (51mm) Carbide Tipped Hole Saw
    • CT214 CT214 2-1/4'' (57mm) Carbide Tipped Hole Saw
    • CT212 CT212 2-1/2'' (64mm) Carbide Tipped Hole Saw
    • XA2 XA2 Hole Saw Arbor with Carbide drill
    • A15 A15 Hole Saw Arbor
    • A7 A7 Ejector Spring
    • XA014C XA014C Hole Saw Arbor with Carbide drill

    California Proposition 65 Warning

      WARNING: This product contains cobalt, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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