PT06136 Offset Attachment for use with 5004 Electronic Depth Gage 12828

5004 Electronic Depth Gages
Offset Attachment for 5004B Electronic Depth Gage, Length 1.024"/26mm

Offsets Base Position Offset Attachment for use with 5000 Carbon Fiber Calipers. 1.024" (26mm) overall length.

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  • Made in America: No
  • : 1.024" (26mm) overall length
  • Fits Starrett Series: 5004B


    Catalog 33 - Section 4 - Depth Gages

    We offer a choice of depth products varying in form, complexity, cost and accuracy, from the most accurate depth micrometers (electronic, dial and vernier) to the less complex precise rule gages and combination rule gages.

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