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RB 10. Standard Reference Bar #(--edpnumber)#

Standard Reference Bars
10" Reference Bar - Free Standing

These Standard Reference Bars are invaluable for use in checking table movement of machine tools, accuracy of vernier height gages, surface plate transfer measurement, and for final inspection of precision machine tools and coordinate measuring machines. The alternating gage block jaws and spacer blocks are permanently wrung and fastened together to form 1" increments.

A special bushing arrangement allows the master stack to conform to thermal conditions prevailing during use, thus providing a true master even under less than perfect laboratory conditions. Mating surfaces are treated during assembly to prevent corrosion.

Non-standard lengths and measuring increments are available on special order.

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  • Free Standing
  • Certificate of Calibration included
  • Furnished in a storage case


  • Type: Free Standing
  • Size: 10"
  • Unit Of Measure: Inch System
  • Tolerance (Stack) Max: 2.5L + 10L in inches
  • Tolerance (Stack) Min: - 10
  • Parallelism: 15 µin.
  • Uncertainy of Calibration: 10 + 2.0L in inches expressed in µin.




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